Where is Laasya Art gallery located?
The gallery is located in Palo Alto, in the San Francisco Bay Area.

What are the gallery’s opening hours?
Paintings can be viewed by prior appointment only. To schedule an appointment, please give us a call at + 1 (650) 770 – 9088 or send an e-mail to

Are all of the works on the website available to view in person?
Most paintings on our website can be viewed at the gallery, with the exception of some prints. Please inquire via if you would like to view a specific painting.

What is the price range of the artwork?
We believe that art should be accessible to a wide audience, so we are proud to offer Laasya’s collection at multiple price points. For original traditional Indian art, prices start at $850 for a framed, 7 x 11 inch Mithila (Madhubani) painting, and original contemporary art paintings are priced from $1,000 upwards. Each painting is priced based on size and the artist’s credentials, and all paintings come with an authenticity certificate.

How do your prices compare to the prices of works sold by galleries and websites based in India?
While we work very hard to keep our prices reasonable, they are usually higher than galleries or websites in India. The added margins include the following:

  • Courier and insurance costs, and customs broker fees as required
  • Stretching (mounting of paintings on stretcher bars) and associated transport
  • Expenses to operate a business in the Bay Area, including travel to India to acquire art; packing and sending unsold art back to India; hosting events and sponsoring artist visits to the US.
  • Profit margin to pay for our time and experience in hand-picking quality art, connecting with artists to get exclusive access to their works and guiding clients throughout the buying process.

Can a collector request a commissioned work?
Yes! We are happy to help you commission a custom-made painting. We will work with you and the artist to create an original painting that fits your overall vision, taste and physical space. We can also personalize your artwork, such as incorporating family names or other special motifs.

Is it possible to see the painting in our home before making a decision to buy?
Yes! We encourage you to put up the painting in your home before making a decision to buy. This is one of the key advantages of buying art locally, rather than sourcing it from India, and it is important to us that you buy from a space of comfort and confidence.

Does Laasya Art help with framing, installation and delivery of paintings?
Yes, we can recommend professionals who will assist you with these services.

Do you ship anywhere in the US?
Yes. We are set up to sell art online and can ship throughout the United States. We typically transport artwork via UPS or Fedex. Paintings can be shipped flat or rolled in a tube, and each shipment is professionally packed. Shipping, handling and packing fees are on actuals. We strongly recommend buying insurance to cover the works while in transit.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we ship worldwide. In the recent past, we have shipped artworks to Europe, Africa and Asia. Shipping, insurance and packing fees are on actuals.

Does the buyer pay sales tax on artwork?
Sales tax will be charged if you are based in California and the paintings are shipped/delivered in California. However, if you are based outside of California and the paintings are shipped to your out-of-state address, we will not charge sales tax.

What is your policy regarding exchanges and/or returns?
It is important that our clients are happy with the painting they have purchased, and accordingly we do offer exchanges for clients based in the United States. Typically, we ask that clients notify us of their intent to return within 24 hours of receipt and then initiate return shipment within 48 hours of receipt (or if that falls on a weekend, on the next business day). The client is responsible for return packing and shipping at their expense, and the painting must be returned in the same perfect condition in order to be eligible for exchange. If you have any questions on our returns policy, please do let us know before moving forward with your purchase.

Can you help me to source an original painting from an artist you don’t showcase on your website?
Yes, we are well-connected with the artist community in India and can easily source original paintings for you. You won’t have to worry about couriers, risk of damage, customs clearance and other logistical snafus—we will take care of all of this for you, getting the painting in ready-to-hang condition. We can also help you with framing and installation.

How do we know if the paintings sold are originals?
All paintings sold by Laasya Art gallery are sourced directly from the artists. We also provide an authenticity certificate with each sold painting. This is signed by the artist and certifies that the purchased painting is an original piece, not a copy or a fake.

What type of art does Laasya Art gallery sell?
We primarily sell contemporary and traditional Indian art, including Mithila (Madhubani), Gond, Pattachitra and Kalamkari paintings. The majority of paintings are on canvas, although we show a variety of mediums including paper and cloth. We also sell limited edition prints by modern artists like M.F. Husain and S.H. Raza. Our artists come from a range of emerging, mid-career and established backgrounds, including Padma Shri awardees and artists who have won international recognition.

Which mediums are typically used?
Our artists work in a variety of mediums including on canvas, paper and cloth. On canvas, some artists prefer acrylic paint, while others work only with oil paint. Many artists also combine other media—newspapers, hardboard, tissue paper, fabric and rotring pen—with acrylic paint on canvas. On paper, artists varyingly use watercolor, acrylic paint or charcoal.

Original traditional paintings, such as Mithila (Madhubani), are created on handmade paper. Kalamkari works are painted on cloth, while Gond works are on canvas and paper. Pattachitra paintings are made on Tussar silk.