Art by Vinita KarimVinita Karim is a contemporary Indian artist who has lived in over 15 cities across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. She has transformed this nomadic experience into her art, drawing on her geographic and architectural memories of far-flung places. In a distinctive color palette of gold, red and blue, she depicts vibrant cityscapes that mix the real and the imagined.

Artist Vinita Karim explains, “My work is built on imaginary cities, however you may see hints of many actual places in them: the blue of the Mediterranean Sea from Alexandria and Tripoli, the hulls of the boats from Padma river, Dhaka, the minarets of mosques from Istanbul, the flags flying on top of temples in Varanasi… These are the little details which emerge into my canvases like signifier of experiences, sensations and memories making each artwork unique.” This multicultural subject matter has made her original paintings, sculptures and installations popular with an international audience.

Vinita Karim does not sketch or plan her compositions beforehand but instead paints intuitively. Her paintings also frequently incorporate gold or silver leaf and silken threads. In her most recent works, she embroiders onto the canvases before applying acrylic paint.

She received a BFA from Gerlesborg Art Institute in Stockholm and an MFA from the University of Philippines. She also studied economics and business at the University of Stockholm, Sweden. Art by Vinita Karim has been shown throughout India and worldwide, including in Dhaka, Singapore, Canada, China, Saudi Arabia and the United States.

Vinita Karim welcomes requests for commissioned paintings. If you like a painting that has sold, or if you have a particular space in mind, a custom painting can be made to your taste and specifications regarding size, color palette and other details. You are welcome to buy her paintings online or view them at our gallery in Palo Alto (San Francisco Bay Area).