To protect and preserve your original paintings and fine art prints, we recommend the following tips on how to take care of artwork:


Never display your artworks in strong, direct sunlight. Ultraviolet light is harmful to paper as well as to certain inks and colors, which leads to discoloration or fading. Where possible, hang your artwork in shaded areas.


Do not hang art on walls that will be exposed to high levels of humidity or dampness, including bathrooms, balconies or partially covered patios. Humidity causes molding and foxing of paper, and it can also attract pests like silverfish, which will damage your artwork.


Do not store or hang artwork near radiators, stoves, walls containing flues or other sources of heat. For paintings, heat can warp stretcher bars, and for prints, heat can dry out paper and make it brittle. Frequent or drastic changes in temperature can also damage artworks, causing discoloration or warping.


Hang your paintings away from very busy and possibly messy areas, like high-traffic entryways or kitchen counters.


Do not lean anything against the surface of a canvas.


To avoid damage from dust, dirt, acids in papers and the sweat from your hands, handle your artwork as infrequently as possible, and be sure to clean it occasionally.


From time to time, gently wipe your paintings and frames with a clean, soft rag or use a feather duster to prevent dust buildup.
We can always connect you with a professional art conservator if you have a damaged painting that needs restoration.