Behind the Scenes of Anuradha Thakur’s Latest Commissioned Painting
Peek behind-the-scenes at the steps and considerations of commissioning a custom painting.

Contemporary Indian artist Vinita Karim is known for her vibrant paintings that depict dreamy hybrids of international cities.

How to select a frame for your artwork
Here are our guidelines on whether or not to frame a canvas painting.

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Suraiya Hasan Bose: A Life Well Lived
A reflection on the incredible life and talent of Suraiya Hasan Bose, a renowned champion of Indian textiles.

Madhubani Painting: A Dying Traditional Indian Art Form
Satya was a master craftsman in the traditional Indian art of Madhubani (Mithila) painting.

Interview with contemporary Indian artist Bharti Prajapati
Artist Bharti Prajapati talks about finding her inspiration in India’s traditional textiles.

Contemporary Indian artist Seema Kohli.

Interview with contemporary Indian artist Seema Kohli
Artist Seema Kohli, discusses her art, journey and philosophy of life.

Is art only for the privileged?
We are committed to showcasing affordable original art.

Interview with contemporary Indian artist Basuki Das Gupta
Contemporary Indian artist Basuki Das Gupta on his unique mixed media paintings.

Kalamkari: A Traditional Indian Art of Perfection
Did you know that a Kalamkari painting, a traditional Indian art form, involves 23 steps?

Trends in Contemporary Art at the Affordable Art Fair
What stood out at the Affordable Art Fair, Fall 2019 in New York City  from abstract paintings to textured collages.

Rina Banerjee at the San Jose Museum of Art
Check out this major exhibition closes on October 6.

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September 2019 – AOM
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