In the United States, especially in big urban centers like New York, Seattle and Washington, DC, we are fortunate to have many opportunities to learn about contemporary and tribal Indian art through local Indian art galleries, museums and other institutions. In the San Francisco Bay Area, numerous galleries and non-profits organize exhibitions of leading contemporary Indian artists, and several museums hold impressive permanent collections of Indian art. Laasya Art has recently collaborated with some of these institutions, including Pacific Art League, Art Forum and SACHI, to further our mission of connecting Indian artists to our local community.

Art Forum:

Art Forum is a nonprofit that champions visual, literary and performing arts from South Asia. They have been instrumental in bringing Indian artists like dancer Dr. Mallika Sarabhai and writer Amish Tripathi to the Bay Area.

Asian Art Museum:

Based in San Francisco, the Asian Art Museum boasts one of the most comprehensive Asian art collections in the world. They offer multiple art events and tours throughout the year and, in the fall of 2018, organized an exhibition and artist visit on traditional Indian Mithila (Madhubani) art. If you’re looking for museums and exhibitions on Indian art in the Bay Area, check the Asian Art Museum’s calendar.

Cantor Art Museum:

The Cantor Art Museum at Stanford University offers diverse, changing exhibitions in multiple galleries, in addition to free guided tours several days of the week, a family program, lectures, performances and special events. In addition to this vibrant program, the museum holds an extensive Asian art collection featuring Indian art from ancient times through the twentieth century. It’s another “must see” stop on any tour of Indian art in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Pacific Art League:

PAL is a highly reputed institution that has operated in downtown Palo Alto for almost a century. They offer a variety of art classes, art-related events and exhibitions that change every month. Their “First Friday” opening receptions, which showcase new works every month, are very popular. In March 2019, Laasya Art collaborated with PAL to host an exhibition of contemporary Indian art.

Palo Alto Art Center:

Located in Palo Alto, the art center offers a variety of art classes for all age groups, art exhibitions and many events throughout the year. It’s a central resource for anyone interested in Indian and South Asian art exhibitions and galleries in the Bay Area.

Society for Art and Cultural Heritage of India (SACHI):

SACHI is a vibrant nonprofit organization that champions Indian art and culture. With a vision to impart creative learning, they host events all over the Bay Area to promote education and appreciation for the landscape of Indian art, culture and heritage.

San Jose Museum of Art:

Located in downtown San Jose, this art museum reflects the diverse cultures and energetic spirit of Silicon Valley. They currently have a stunning solo exhibition of South Asian artist and sculptor Rina Banerjee, which will be on view until October 6, 2019. Yet another “must see” place in any tour of California museums that focus on Indian art, whether permanently or through on-going exhibitions.

Stanford Center for South Asia (CSA):

CSA is the central forum at Stanford University for the study of South Asia. They convene many lectures and conferences, often inviting artists from India to participate. For most of the academic year, they host a guest speaker every Thursday at noon. This is free and open to the public.