We are incredibly proud to hear collectors’ positive experiences with buying original Indian art from Laasya Art gallery. Our clients’ satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us, and our team works hard to make this happen, even discouraging a purchase if the client seems hesitant—we firmly believe you should only buy paintings you love.

While we hope our clients’ reviews will be helpful to you, please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions or to schedule a consultation. We can help you to browse and buy contemporary Indian art, online or in person at our Palo Alto location, whether you live in Bay Area or elsewhere in the US from Austin to New York. We would be thrilled to assist you.

Sonia of Laasya Art has a deep understanding of art. It is apparent when she talks about the paintings she sells that is more than a business for her. She is passionate about promoting the artist, understanding their art forms and finding the right match between the painting and her client’s needs. She is very professional. I also like her website which has a very interesting collection of young upcoming artists that are very creative in the way they are using traditional Indian art forms with modern techniques.

Aparna D.
San Francisco, San Francisco Bay Area

While I am always looking to add new contemporary paintings to my collection, I am particular and looking for quality at a fair price. Sonia hosted a reception for an Indian artists, and I was blown away by the paintings. Sonia helped me pick a piece that was a perfect addition to my existing collection, and she also encouraged me to sit with my decision before I bought (the time away from the painting only made me more eager to have it in my home). Sonia has amazing taste, and her dedication to supporting Indian artists is inspiring. If you are looking to add to your existing collection – or looking to start collecting – and especially if you have not yet incorporated pieces from Indian artists in your collection, I urge you to seek out Sonia at Laasya Art.

Dee C.
Washington DC

It’s been a pleasure forming a collaboration between Pacific Art League and Sonia. Sonia is very passionate promoting contemporary Indian artists in the Bay Area and she is able to bring unique works and perspectives that are otherwise not found in the area. Sonia has brought her community of artists and art enthusiasts to Pacific Art League by way of monthly exhibitions and artist talks. A highlight for us was Laasya Art bringing Indian artist Basuki Das Gupta and his wife to our gallery for a special talk, demo and musical performance. Sonia’s expert advice, passion and commitment to the arts is unparalleled.

Aly G.
Palo Alto, California

I came across Sonia’s amazing collection of paintings by mere luck and am so glad I did. I was always interested in art, but paintings of this kind were new terrain for me. It is different to appreciate something on the walls in an exhibition, but to love something that you can own and enjoy, that was a very exciting experience for me.

Sonia has very quiet way of explaining things to you to make you feel comfortable. She genuinely loves and is passionate about Laasya’s paintings. I was moved by her knowledge about each artist and how each of the pieces stood out in terms of the style.

She led me in the right direction, especially on how to look at the paintings and how to understand the complexity and the pricing. Never having owned this type of art, I was very uncomfortable with the price initially. But she told me, “Choose what your heart says.” She also told me not to buy something if I had to keep telling myself to like it or think too hard about it. In a nutshell, she is true to herself and her collection.

S. Shah
Lafayette, San Francisco Bay Area