Senaka SenanayakeSenaka Senanayake is one of the most sought-after contemporary artists from Asia. Born in Sri Lanka, his extraordinary artistic ability was evident even as a young child, and he held his first international exhibition in San Diego at the age of 10. He later enhanced his education in art and architecture at Yale University in Connecticut and, more recently, he has become particularly known for his lively scenes of rainforests that instill a sense of wonderment and awe. In a saturated color palette and in his signature flat, delineated style, Senaka’s paintings echo the “spectacular and irreplaceable” beauty of the natural world.

“My focus is on the endangered flora and fauna in our rainforests,” he explains his passion for landscapes. “In 2005, I visited a rainforest in Sri Lanka, which has become my muse.” Since that fateful excursion, in response to the urgent need for environmental conservation around the globe, art by Senaka Senanayake has sought to capture the splendor of tropical jungles across Asia, Africa and South America. By spotlighting their unique inhabitants, from parrots and toucans to elephants and water buffalo, the artist encourages his viewers to protect wildlife and preserve these vital ecosystems. He has noted, “I could have shown the negative aspects of destruction, such as people and animals dying, but I try to do happy, positive paintings.”

Senaka has been the subject of more than 150 solo exhibitions in over 18 countries including the United Kingdom, China, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Czechoslovakia, Korea and Egypt to name a few. He has also been commissioned by the White House in Washington, DC and the United Nations Headquarters in New York. Numerous acclaimed magazines and journals have reviewed his exhibitions and profiled his career, including The New York Sunday Times, Washington Post and National Geographic Magazine.

You are welcome to buy artist Senaka Senanayake’s paintings online or view them at our gallery in Palo Alto (San Francisco Bay Area). All artworks are hand signed by the artist and include a certificate of authenticity. For more insights into Senaka’s six decade career and his sources of inspiration, read his recent interview on our blog here.