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Contemporary Indian art draws on its rich artistic traditions while pushing new ideas and techniques forward. Today, this genre is as multifaceted and diverse as India itself, defined by no single style, theme or medium but informed by a shared culture and history. As the art world has become increasingly globalized in recent years, Indian artists have enjoyed recognition beyond borders, with the market thriving in the United States and in major metropolitan centers in Europe and Asia — some of the most famous Indian artists include Laxma Goud, Thota Vaikuntam and Senaka Senanayake, who are all internationally acclaimed. To view our curated collection of paintings for sale, please browse art by popular Indian artists.


Fine art prints have become one of the most rapidly growing sectors of the art market, as they provide an opportunity for collectors to own art by master modern and contemporary artists at affordable price points. Produced in direct collaboration with the artist, serigraphs are a particular type of limited edition print made on high quality paper. In the printing process, a different stencil is created for each color that will compose the image and then printed onto the paper one color at a time; a single serigraphic print can have as many as 25 colors or even more. All prints sold by Laasya Art are numbered and hand signed by the artists themselves, with the exception of prints by Jamini Roy which were posthumously produced with the permission of his family. To view our curated collection of fine art prints for sale, please browse serigraphs by Indian modern and contemporary artists.


With such a vibrant history of fine art and craft in India, from ancient times through today, traditional artworks offer a special way for collectors to celebrate their heritage and bring their culture into the home. Two of the most prominent forms of traditional Indian art — which is sometimes referred to as folk art or tribal Indian art — are Kalamkari from Andhra Pradesh and Madhubani (Mithila) from Bihar. These art forms are internationally celebrated for their intricate linework and uniquely Indian imagery, as well as their use of all-natural dyes and local materials. To view our curated collection of traditional Indian paintings for sale, please browse the artists.