Sandeep Jigdung The verdant hills and lush forests of Assam have left a lasting impression on contemporary Indian artist Sandeep Jigdung. Inspired by his blissful childhood memories of northeastern India, his paintings share a vision of nature that is teeming with life and bursting with color. His canvases overflow with fruits, flowers and birds, with some of the most frequent motifs including orchids, lilies, bamboo, bananas, berries and hornbills.

While he works from a keen observation of nature, there is also an element of fantasy in art by Sandeep Jigdung. The landscapes are illuminated by dreamlike hues of blues and purples, in high contrast with saturated reds and yellows, while the sheer abundance of flora and fauna is exaggerated. As Sandeep explains, “I intended to create the ‘real’ fantasy which enhances a deeper side of my imagination and expression… it captures my longing for an idealized state of nature.”

Sandeep received both his BFA and MFA in Painting from College of Arts, New Delhi. He has exhibited his artwork across India.

You are welcome to buy artist Sandeep Jigdung’s paintings online or view them at our gallery in Palo Alto (San Francisco Bay Area).


Sandeep painting a large-scale landscape.


Are the paintings signed?

Yes, all paintings are signed by the artist and come with a certificate of authenticity.

Is shipping available worldwide?

Yes, we offer both domestic and international shipping, and all fees are on actuals. We frequently ship throughout the US as well as to Europe, Africa and Asia.

How are the artworks shipped?

All works including paintings, prints and sculptures are professionally packed. Smaller paintings can be shipped flat, and larger paintings can be unstretched and rolled in a tube. Each shipment is covered by transit insurance.

Are exchanges accepted?

Yes, we do offer exchanges for remote clients who are based in the United States. Paintings must be returned in the same perfect condition in order to be eligible for exchange. Please refer to our FAQ page for more details on our exchange policy.

Are the paintings framed?

No, the paintings are not sold framed. While it is not necessary to frame a canvas, it can be a stylistic choice and help integrate the painting with the existing decor. You can read more advice about framing on our blog.

How should the artwork be taken care of?

As a resource for clients, we have written a guide on the best art care tips for canvases and works on paper.