Art by Basuki Das Gupta

When you see art by Basuki Das Gupta, a contemporary Indian artist who lives life on his own terms—it is instantly apparent that art is his purpose, his oxygen, his therapy and his meditation. Raised in Bishnupur, West Bengal, a town famous for its terracotta temples, he has always been drawn to texture. His paintings mix together hardboard, paper pulp and thick acrylic paint on canvas to create a remarkable surface that is far from flat. As he explains, “In the corridors of those temples, I was always touching the paintings and murals on the walls, when I was crying or happy… so whenever I touch my own paintings now, all my childhood emotion comes back. When I am painting, texture is my first priority. It’s a very physical experience.”

Another childhood influence is artist Basuki Das Gupta’s awe for the women of his family, who lived and thrived on the economic margins of society. His portraits and scenes of women reveal their quiet, indomitable strength and their powerful relationships with each other. These women are traditional, sometimes wearing bindi and jhumkas earrings, yet boldly contemporary. In one series, his reverence for women takes the form of Goddess Durga, a popular Hindu warrior goddess whose mythology centers on combating evil forces that threaten peace, prosperity and dharma of the good.

Original abstract art paintings by Basuki Das Gupta take their inspiration from nature, including ocean waves, the sun and the harsh landscape of West Bengal. In other abstract works, he references the circular shape of the ‘wheel’ at the famous Sun Temple in Konark.

Basuki Das Gupta received a BFA in Painting and an MFA in Mural Painting from the prestigious Santiniketan-Visva Bharati, a leading art school founded by Rabindranath Tagore. He is a visiting faculty member at the National Institute of Design, Gandhinagar.

Basuki Das Gupta welcomes requests for commissioned paintings. If you like a painting that has sold, or if you have a particular space in mind, a custom painting can be made to your taste and specifications regarding size, color palette and other details. You are welcome to buy his paintings online or view them at our gallery in Palo Alto (San Francisco Bay Area). All artworks are hand signed by the artist and include a certificate of authenticity.

Learn more about Basuki’s creative expression in his recent post on our blog here, and read his interview about his artistic journey here. You can also watch his unique texture-building technique in action and listen to him singing with his lovely wife Madhumita on our Youtube channel.