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Akbar PadamseeAkbar Padamsee was a pioneering modern Indian artist and the youngest figure associated with the influential Bombay Progressive Artists’ Group, which included M.F. Husain, S.H. Raza and F.N. Souza. A painter and sculptor, Padamsee’s major themes encompass faces, nudes, relationships, monochromatic gray canvases, mirror images and metascapes.

Across his various themes, art by Akbar Padamsee is introspective, focused on questions of humanity and existence through formal elements like composition and color. He was deeply influenced by philosophy and Sanskrit texts. His Metascapes, for instance, are vibrant and abstract landscapes that explore symbolic elements like the sun, moon and mountains. As he aptly noted, “Art for me is to express the invisible.”

Padamsee studied at the Sir J.J. School of Art in Mumbai. Following his graduation, he joined fellow modernists Raza and Souza in Paris, where he lived and exhibited for several years. His work has been exhibited internationally including at the Rubin Museum of Art in New York, the National Gallery of Modern Art in New Delhi and the Royal Academy of Arts in London. He also received prestigious awards including the Lalit Kala Akademi Fellowship, J.D. Rockefeller III Fund Fellowship and Padma Bhushan from the Government of India. Padamsee passed away in India in 2020.

You are welcome to buy artist Akbar Padamsee’s paintings at our gallery in Palo Alto (San Francisco Bay Area). All artworks are hand signed by the artist.