Art by Sreekanth KurvaContemporary Indian artist Sreekanth Kurva spent the first 38 years of his life in Begum Bazaar in Hyderabad, and there his lifelong fascination with animals began. He would keenly observe as tribals from Rajasthan brought goats, buffalos and roosters to the bazaar. Through his original paintings of the animal world, he engages with human traits such as passion, anger, vanity and submissiveness as well as virtues of patience, benevolence vigilance and pragmatism.

Art by Sreekanth Kurva is heavily influenced by his studies in printmaking, a medium that gave him the opportunity to experiment with various materials and techniques. Since line is the most important element in the printmaking process, he prioritizes its role in defining the contours of his animal subjects. He first experimented by filling in their forms with glossy swatches and patterns from fashion magazines, and later he began using textile pieces and ethnic prints in silk, brocade and zari. Today, his highly textured paintings incorporate acrylic brushstrokes and fabric collages on canvas.

Sreekanth Kurva received his BFA in Painting from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad and his MFA in Graphics from M.S. University, Baroda.

Sreekanth Kurva welcomes requests for commissioned paintings. If you like a painting that has sold, or if you have a particular space in mind, a custom painting can be made to your taste and specifications regarding size, color palette and other details. You are welcome to buy his paintings online or view them at our gallery in Palo Alto (San Francisco Bay Area). All artworks are hand signed by the artist and include a certificate of authenticity.