Sonia Patwardhan of Laasya Arts is what I was looking for in an art professional. She is very knowledgeable, willing to spend a lot of time and helpful in educating someone with limited knowledge on fine art. Sonia is also well connected in the art circles in India and has the ability to find appealing art styles from a wide variety of artists. Her pricing is also very reasonable as I compare with more established art galleries and she can find art that is comparable or similar to other sources. I have personally bought art from her and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for fine art and wanting to get educated about it.


Rajiv P
Los Altos


Sonia is a true professional. Her love for art is obvious and she has the breadth of knowledge and willingness to help you find the piece of art work that you will connect with. Truly appreciate her taking the time to understand my requirements and helping me make the right choices. Her collection will appeal to a wide variety of people. I think she is giving an amazing platform to artists that Bay Area art connoisseurs will appreciate but may not have been able to view and collect otherwise. I have recommended her to several friends and family members and I think she and her team at Laasya are great to connect with for Bay Area art lovers.


Sudeshna Rini
Menlo Park


Sonia is fun and very authentic. She is genuine in her advice, has a lot of patience and a great eye for talent. Artists that she chooses are all unique and brilliant. She works with you closely to help you decide and is very honest with her opinions. Getting our artwork from her was a very relaxed and enjoyable experience. Look forward to many more soulful artworks from her to inspire us every day.


Neelu Mehra,
Sunnyvale, San Francisco Bay Area


As a high profile non-profit art center in downtown Palo Alto, our mission is to reflect the constantly evolving demographic of our unique town and ensure we are celebrating the diversity of our community. With that aim in mind, we were so lucky to forge a new relationship with Sonia Patwardhan, who is a joy to work with. Sonia has a unique set of skills, a deep understanding of classic marketing methods derived from her impressive history in corporate marketing roles, a true love of art and exceptional connections to cutting edge and established artists from her home country of India. We are enjoying our partnership with her enormously, our first program hosting an interactive artist talk with Basuki Das Gupta was tremendous fun! We look forward to more collaboration with our new friend Sonia.


Jon Graves, Executive Director & CEO
Pacific Art League, Palo Alto, San Francisco Bay Area


I am so happy to have found a friend and guide in contemporary Indian art! Sonia has exposed me to the work of numerous artists and a variety of art styles. She has an amazing network, and is able to reach out to artists in short order, even when she hasn't worked with them before. She has a very pleasant, no pressure, no nonsense, and yet flexible professional style which has made it a pleasure for me to work with her.


Mala N
Palo Alto, San Francisco Bay Area


Sonia is a rare breed of art consultant and collector. She is equally fair to both the artist and the collector. She is very knowledgable and works with the  individual's taste and preferences to find the right piece for them. Sonia has wide ranging interest in Indian art that varies from tribal to contemporary. I bought 2 paintings from her, the advice she gave us on choosing the right piece for the space was spot on. Both the Gorjala and Om Swami works  add a lot of joy and beauty to our home. I would highly recommend working with Sonia, worked better for me than spending time alone in galleries in India.


Priya Venkatesh
Palo Alto, San Francisco Bay Area


Sonia is a true lover of art. She has a boundless passion for beautiful art, the artists, their amazing stories and their talent. It is wonderful to see her launch into a description of the background of any painting, the story of the artist and his/her family and her own thoughts about the nuances of the art. Sonia carefully selects the artists she works with - always interesting to hear how she met the artist and why she chose the artist or the specific paintings - it is truly a labor of love!


S Puranik
Palo Alto, San Francisco Bay Area


I have been lucky to witness Sonia setup "Laasya Art" from the early days in 2008. In fact, one of her very first exhibition's was held in my home and I was one of her first clients. Right from the beginning, her passion for fine art has been evident in the way she describes the painting to her clients. She is able to very eloquently and thoughtfully convey the story and the inspiration behind the artist's work, since she has personally met all of them in their environments.

Every time I have been confused about which particular painting to buy, she has encouraged me to go with my instinct and feel the art in my heart.


Anu Kirpekar
Saratoga, San Francisco Bay Area


"Sonia, I wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience I had while acquiring the gorgeous pieces of art from Laasya collection that you have so fondly created over the past years. The ‘Tree of Life' by Niranjan, the 'Panchamukhi Ganesh ' and the 'Kandarpa Hathi' by Pranab Narayan Das add a lot of character to our home. It is not all the time that techies like us invest a lot of time in buying art and I must say that you definitely made it a special event for us by giving us great deal of information about not only the artist but also how the art was created, which was very satisfying to our ever curious minds. Additionally buying a piece of art is a lot of time and expense not considered an essential investment in daily life. Thus far we had only made tiny investments by collecting memorabilia when traveling through exotic places. Being first time buyers we were comfortable making this investment only because we could trust you as a credible source who was offering us original art pieces at a reasonably realistic price."


Swati Ranade
Foster City, San Francisco Bay Area 


I came across Sonia's amazing collection of paintings by mere luck and am so glad I did. I was always interested in art, but paintings of this kind were new terrain for me.

It is different to appreciate something on the walls in an exhibition, but to love something that you can own and enjoy, that was a very exciting experience for me.

Sonia has very quiet way of explaining things to you to make you feel comfortable. She genuinely loves and is passionate about her paintings. I was more moved by her knowledge about each artist and how each of the pieces stood out in terms of the style.

She led me in the right direction, at least I think so:), especially on how to look at the paintings, understand the complexity and the pricing.  

Never having owned this type of art, I was very uncomfortable on the price initially. But, she told me, "Choose what your heart says". She also told me not to buy something if I had to keep telling myself to like it or think too hard about it. 

In nutshell, she is true to herself and her collection.


S. Shah
Lafayette, San Francisco Bay Area 


Laasya Art is a tour de force and Sonia’s organizational skills are second to none! As I watched Sonia set up this one-of-a-kind business that connects artists with a completely new market, I was amazed by her ability to bring people together, educate, inspire, and communicate a clear message.


Timothy Deliyannides
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Laasya Art offers stunning art from very unique artists. A recent Ganesha we purchased from the artist Om Swami is a stunning portrayal of Indian art and colors. Sonia is absolutely amazing with her customer service and attention to detail. I look forward to working with her again.


Holly Martyn
Chicago, Illinois


We have purchased 3 paintings from Laasya Art in the recent past. Each time, Sonia's expertise guided us in making a great selection. She had a sense for our taste after a couple of personalized tours doing her exhibits. Her deep knowledge of Anuradha Thakur's collection helped us make an informed decision on how to pair the art we eventually purchased. Sonia has been very generous with her time, helping us select a frame and appropriate wall to showcase the works of beauty!


Sumita V
Palo Alto, San Francisco Bay Area


This modest yet thoroughly satisfying exhibition of collectable fine art pieces at Laasya gallery are stunning. Owner's deep understanding of the artists not only allow her to bring in the best selections of Indian art, but also provide the keen suggestions clients need to choose the appropriate pieces for their home or office. Being an artist for a lifetime and an interior designer, I strongly recommend Laasya Art the to go place for original fine art.


Liling T
Mountain View, San Francisco Bay Area


Sonia's art pieces are diverse and rich in their themes from the contemporary and traditional. You can see the effort for reviving certain forms and hear the stories of artists as she tells them. She has a nice appealing collection that indeed is very inviting.


Vaishali K.
Fremont, San Francisco Bay Area 

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